• Traumatic
    Brain Injury

    Traumatic brain injuries can arise from an automobile, truck or motorcycle accident, gunshot wounds, falls, or other events. A brain injured person may have suffered a concus...

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  • Nursing Home

    It can be a very difficult decision to place a parent, spouse or other loved one in a nursing home, adult care home, or assisted living facility. Much time, thought, and rese...

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  • Personal

    The law firm of Benentt and Zydron, P.C. has built its reputation on delivering quality results -- through tireless, tenacious advocacy for clients in Virginia and North Caro...

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  • Car

    Statistics suggest that nearly every person will be involved in an automobile accident at least one time during their lives. Unfortunately, many of these wrecks involve perso...

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  • Trucking

    Crashes involving commercial tractor-trailer trucks can be catastrophic to those who are injured or killed by the negligence of a truck driver. Many of these wrecks occur on ...

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  • Motorcycle

    There are over 7 million motorcycles on the road according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Warm sunny weather makes Virginia and North Carolina ideal places to ride...

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  • Wrongful

    Wrongful death cases arise when a person, doctor, nurse, or corporation negligently causes the death of another person. These cases can arise out of many circumstances includ...

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  • Medical

    Virginia and North Carolina law requires doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals to follow a standard of care when performing medical, nursing, or health care serv...

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  • Criminal &
    Traffic Defense

    The attorneys at Bennett and Zydron, P.C. have decades of experience representing individuals charged with a felony, misdemeanor, DUI/DWI, reckless driving, or other traffic ...

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  • Divorce, Custody
    & Support

    Family breakup can be one of the most difficult experiences anyone can face. During such a stressful and uncertain time, you need an attorney who can protect your rights and ...

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  • Workers

    The Virginia Workers' Compensation Act provides protection and compensation for individuals injured on the job. It is administered by the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commi...

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  • Military

    The attorneys in our firm are highly qualified in handling cases involving military health care facilities. Medical malpractice and wrongful death cases occurring in military...

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We specialize in a variety of practice areas including brain injury, nursing home malpractice, personal injury, car accidents, wrongful death and more. We are relentless when it comes to protecting your rights and litigating cases in Virginia, North Carolina, federal, and military courts.

What Clients Are Saying

  • "Trucking Accident"

    In 2010 on my way home from work my life changed forever. Sitting at a stop light my vehicle was rear ended by a commercial truck. The accident left we with a traumatic brain injury and a permanently disabled. I had no idea how I would start the process of recovery, take care of my wife and young son or plan for my future. It was at this, the lowest point in my life I found a friend and a personal guide. John Zydron took over my case and guided me through a maze I had no idea existed. A maze that included rehabilitation, replacing my lost income, and eventually resolving my case for a substantial amount. The resolution of our case allowed my family and I to live comfortably for the rest of our lives. Amazingly after my life changing event, my elderly father was also involved in a serious auto accident. My father and mother had no idea what to do next or who to turn to. Fortunately I did, and Mr. Zydron was able to provide the same amazing services for my father as he did for me. I would recommend John Zydron to any injured persons needing a guide through the complex maze that is injury to recovery.

  • "Traumatic Brain Injury"

    Mr. Sharp took my case knowing up front that it was going to be a difficult one. While the difficulty of the case turned out to be greater than anyone could have anticipated, Mr. Sharp persevered and as a result I was awarded a settlement that should comfortably take care of me for the rest of my life. My case involved a traumatic brain injury and Mr. Sharp's expertise in this area is outstanding. He is also a compassionate and great all around person. He is highly recommended! - Richard S.

  • "Personal Injury"

    Kevin Sharp is a smart, sharp and excellent attorney. - Garnzie W.

  • "Personal Injury"

    Kevin Sharp is an extremely talented attorney. - Melissa B.

  • "Wrongful Death"

    Mr. Kevin Sharp is excellent at his profession in every way. He's compassionate during the time of dealing with the death of a loved one. As well, he produces great results. I highly recommend Mr. Sharp! Thank you for everything you've done for me and my family. - Laura R.

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